Great Product... Modular Mobile Grab Handles!

Real Estate

As an SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist), I'm always looking for new products that will help people to 'age in place' or 'thrive in place' as easily as possible.  The 'Mobile' suite of products definitely caught my attention.  These are grab handles that can be easily attached to any non-porous surface, super sturdy, and then can be removed when not needed anymore.  Beyond 'age in place', I see this as a product that would be useful to so many people:

  • For those having surgery who don't need permanent grab handles
  • For those who have visitors who need grab handles, but don't want or need them permanently installed
  • For those who might be putting their home on the market in the near future and would like to take them down during showing the property
  • For those who need grab handles, but still want to be able to travel (these can be taken apart and put into a suitcase)
  • And, of course, anyone who actually needs a permanent solution, but likes the idea of it being modular so that it can be reconfigured as needs change

But, before I would recommend this product, I consulted w/a friend of mine who previously used to be in the business of selling and installing traditional grab bars to find out her opinion of the product.  She said she is very familiar w/the product and it is an excellent product.  She has extensive experience in this business and knows all the products available.  She now sells custom handicapped vans.  She has a true love of helping people w/disabilities and those who want to 'age in place' gracefully, just as I do.  If you ever have any questions about how to make your home work for you or loved ones who need such products to assist you, please feel free to contact me to discuss your options.  If I don't have the answer to your question, I have my expert friend on-call to assist.

Here is a link to learn more about this product: Mobile Modular Mobile Grab Handle Bars