I have many thorough and informative guides (provided by Equity Title) that are very useful for understanding the process of buying and selling Real Estate.  Below, are some of the most popular guides.  Contact me today to get a copy of any or all of these guides:

  • Buyer's Guide
  • Purchase Contract Guide
  • Seller's Guide
  • Foreign Investor's Guide
  • Equity Title Comparison Guide

Even if you have bought or sold property before, these guides can be very helpful to you as it may have been years since you have made your last purchase or sale.  Plus, the process of buying and selling Real Estate can be quite different from state-to-state.  These guides make it easy to understand the current processes here in Arizona.  Equity Title does a fantastic job of breaking down the process into an easy to understand format.  I highly recommend for all of my clients to review the documents here that pertain to them.  And, always feel free to come to me with any additional questions or concerns you may have.